adam bartoszewski graphic designer ui ux

3rd place in open competition for Havana Club rum – BTL world campaign

runner up for promotional packaging for Antonio Banderas Fragrance

my idea for TV ad was selected by Dressmann (Norwegian clothing company)

featured for concept for packaging of luxurious products in open competition for all artists in Poland

Hi, here is a brief introduction of my workflow and myself. I am graphic designer from choice and graduate computer scientist by interest, with this combination of skills I worked in different areas of design and feel comfortable in digital world and in print media equally.

With analytical mind I like to start design with solid research on the given task and work out insights on the matter which later on helps to back my ideas. Then, going through exploration of possibilities by doing quick sketches and drafts. After checking if ideas did not drift from the goal the refinement stage begins, where best work wins. This is my style of design process, and works best for me. From my experience there is not much difference in the quality if I work individually or as a part of team remotely or on site.

In my free time I like to play chess, and travel as much as possible.

Give me a call or drop me a line.